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It all started in late 1993 when a lingerie store in downtown Palo Alto opened its doors. The new store was called Gitti's Fine Lingerie.

Over the next few years, Gitti's Fine Lingerie became the premier shopping destination for women in Palo Alto and the surrounding areas seeking fine lingerie.

Gitti's Fine Lingerie quickly became famous for carrying the finest lingerie from the leading European designers and for providing beautiful gowns and robes to exquisite bustiers, hosiery and of course, bras and panties.

What made Gitti's Fine Lingerie such a famous destination is its expertise in providing the perfect fit.

In November 2007, Gitti's Fine Lingerie opened its second location on Burlingame Avenue, called Charmelle 28.


Palo Alto Store 

547 Bryant Street

Palo Alto, CA 94010

Mon-Sat 10AM - 6PM & 
Sunday Noon - 5PM

Phone: (650) 323-7979 / Fax: (650) 323-1628


Burlingame Store 

1445 Burlingame Avenue

Burlingame, CA 94301

Mon-Sat 10AM - 6PM & 
Sunday Noon - 5PM

Phone: (650) 347-5022 / Fax: (650) 347-5025