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Review from Jiwon K. Mountain View (May 17, 2014) 
I had been getting a bit tired of Victoria's Secret, and dropped by Charmelle 28 for a wardrobe change. It's a small shop off of University on Briant but there was a steady stream of customers while I was there. The staff were very friendly and helpful. There were a lot of selections for 32D, the ones they picked out for me were beautiful, and fit snugly. They had a large jar of hanky panky's thongs and I got one for free after they wrapped up my new set of lingerie! Also, there were crackers, grapes and cheese you could nibble on while you browsed, too. 

Review from L.P. San Jose (April 20, 2014) 
Really lovely shopping experience for me. The owner was exceptionally helpful. And for the petite ladies this shop is for you. I wear a 28..and they have it in stock as well as xs garters that actually fit. 

Review from Katherine A. San Jose (December 28, 2013) 
Gorgeous store with gorgeous products. I love shopping here. Service has always been great when I've been here. They do great fittings. Bras, underwear, CUTE nightgowns etc. Prices are more expensive, but worth it because of quality. 

Review from Karen S. Berkeley (June 27, 2013) 
This is my go-to bra store. They have beautiful lingerie, and expertise in making sure you have the right fit. While I was there they were working with one customer who was a 30A and another who was a 34E. I bought several bras. They have a second store in Palo Alto. I travelled from San Francisco just to go to Charmelle 28. 

Review from L.H. San Mateo (January 2012) 
Margaret was very helpful, professional and provided just the right amount of assistance. I didn't try on too many bras,- I didn't have to to find some great items because Margaret took the time to assess what my style was and what my price point was. It's so important to have a great fitting bra....it helps improve your posture, confidence, etc. I had to stop looking at the bra tags after awhile because I could not believe my bra size...apparently, I've been wearing the wrong size. The selection is great, the fitting rooms and ambiance are nice too. The quintessential place for a bra fitting that will make you want to throw down for a beautiful bra that will make you feel beautiful too. 

Review from Carolyn A. Los Gatos (January 2012) 
Popped over to Charmelle at lunch today, my second visit to the store. Natalie remembered me from my first visit, recalling my size and my preferences. I told her what I had in mind, then headed to the dressing room. Everything she picked out fit perfectly, was amazingly beautiful, and as comfortable as could be! I love the personal attention and pampering. This is the way all lingerie shopping should be! 

Review from Shanterra M. Palo Alto (January 2012) 
Margaret isn't normally at the Palo Alto store but she was a godsend today! I walked in today frazzled, rushed and just "knew" my size. She calmed me down, told me my correct size and fitted me beautifully! I was still a bit unsure, so I even left to get my dress from the cleaners to wear this evening with the strapless bra I was planning to buy, and rushed back. Margaret helped me in my dress to only learn the cleaners had ruin the clasp! I was so frustrated but Margaret with her calm demeanor helped by giving me an extra clasp to sew onto my dress. I just had a great experience with her. I also loved how she just let me vent and then even shared about her day! It says a lot about a person and store where you can leave after hugging the person who just helped you buy a great bra! Definitely will go back! 

Review from K.B. Burlingame (December 2011) 
After being in denial of being a 34D then being told i'm a 34/36DD, coming here was the best thing for me. Being barely 5'1, 130lbs active girl, i've dealt with back pain for years I thought was normal. Boy was I wrong! I had been talking to my girlfriend who is also big chested she had mentioned about actually getting a bra fitting by a professional and i'm not talking about those VS sale people so as soon as i saw them on Groupon i jumped on the offer. I came into the boutique just to check out the products before i purchased anything and met Margaret, i was hestiant to ask any questions but i was there and i asked her a whole bunch of questions, like how the bras hold up, how do you take care of them, etc. She answered all my questions. She was knowledgeable & experienced. I came in the next day to actually do the fitting and see what would work for me. Right off the batt, she explained to me that i'm not a D or DD but in fact an F! WHO knew!!! Margaret taught me how to actually put on a bra! that was pretty funny! The difference was incredible. Wearing the correct bra was almost surreal. I stood up taller than with my crappy bra, i even looked SMALLER!!!!!! the immediate back relief was ridiculous. Granted the bras run over $100, it's certainly worth every penny. I recently spent over $120 over the last 8 months trying to find my size, i wish i knew about this earlier. I hope they get another deal through Groupon, i wish i had purchase another one! I shall be back, trying to get the bf to get me one as a x-mas gift!! Even if you don't buy (which you won't regret if you do) you should at least come here for a proper bra fitting!!!! 

Review from Mary H. San Mateo (November 2011) 
I'm a big girl: 18/20. I have a natural I cup. For 7 years before my first visit to Charmelle 28, I was pregnant and/or breastfeeding. Pregnancy does a number on the boobs. I have worn white, cottony nursing bras for 7+ years. My back hurt SO MUCH. Every night I would lay down and have to beg my spine to relax. I found Charmelle 28 on yelp while planning a romantic trip with my husband. I crossed my fingers and hoped they actually had bras in my size. Margaret was working when I arrived. She was super friendly, and very professional. I have gone to stores that sold bras before, bragging about having skilled people who will measure and fit you with a proper bras. I was never given the same respect and consideration that Margaret offers. Once I got past her coming into the room with me in nothing but a bra and jeans, I felt completely comfortable: she knew what she was talking about. I've been back 6 times to buy bras. She has had my size in stock every time. If she didn't have the color I wanted, she would order it. She knew which bras to offer me. She knew which fit was good for my loose, saggy breasts. For this, I just had to relax and trust her not to judge me. She showed me how to have CLEAVAGE with my giant breasts. She taught me how to fit the band properly. Ive never left the store without trying on fewer than 10 bras--to get it right. Yes, the bras start at over $100. However, if you look at the quality of the structure of the bras, you know why. I have purchased 10 bras from Charmelle 28--and every dollar was worth it. I no longer have back pain. I can feel feminine and nice under my clothes, even if I am larger than most women. I'm moving away and went into the store this weekend to buy some bras before I leave town. I've ordered a handful of bras, and will probably continue to order from Charmelle 28 online, because it's been so wonderful for me in the last two years.

Review from Arlene W. Upper Lake (October 2011) 
After two children and the gravity of passing years I had given up finding a supportive, comfortable bra that actually FIT my changing physique. And then my sister brought me to a little slice of heaven! I was professionally fitted, and felt wonderful knowing the garments not only felt divine, but were of excellent quality. This is now the ONLY place I buy my lingerie from - and I live 3 hrs away! Thanks soooo much for being here, and having such GREAT customer service. A. 

Review from Lucy K. Redwood Shores: (May 2010)
Wow--what can I say that hasn't been said? This is a marvelous store. It's huge, the selection is fabulous, and it's beautifully displayed. Then, of course, there's Margaret. So friendly, so helpful. I went in for a piece of shapewear today, and, having never worn anything like that before, I needed help. She had answers to all of my Q's, and she wasn't at all pushy. I definitely plan on going back.

Review from Kristin J., San Francisco: (May 2010)
I've never been in a lingerie shop like this one. It's huge...and there is sooo much to choose from. I was in heaven. I think I may have been drooling too. One thing I loved was that there is a pretty big range of prices to choose from. Yes, the bras are high but all good bras are expensive if you want something that holds you in place and doesn't fall apart after a few washings. Love that place.

Review from Laura G., San Mateo: (December 2009)
This store is absolutely wonderful. The selection is amazing. I wear a difficult size and the saleslady was beyond helpful. I was there at off hours (wednesday morning), but if I had gotten a fraction of the help I did I would still have been pleased. She was informative without being overwhelming. Great experience.

Review from Mashimaro M., San Francisco: (August 2009)
Nice. Clean. Elegant. They carry some of my favorite brands so I love coming in here. Also, it's very serene and quiet so I don't feel rushed. The lady at the counter (don't know if she's the owner or not) is always informative and willing to assist.

Review from Jennifer, San Francisco: (April 2009)
I do not have implants. Why do I start with that? Well, I have lived a long time feeling bad because the bra size I wear almost always meant an ugly bra. WIth the advent of implants, came the normalcy of DD cups, which of course benefited me at a EE (after my reduction surgery)! Enter Charmelle 28. High end, gorgeous pieces that my 36 EE's - sometimes a 34 FF deserve to rest in. I normally have to order my pretty things online through European designer houses, but now that I found this shop, I can try everything on and buy just the ones I love. 

WARNING: You will find a lot of cute bras for $200+! 

The woman who assisted me did not push or pressure me to let her "fit" my bra size, nor did she pressure me to let her put the bras on. I think I gave the vibe that I was a one woman show when it comes to over the shoulder boulder holders. I don't like people bearing witness to the heart wrenching agony I experience when bra cups are too small for me. She did ask a few questions and pulled different colors and fabrics until . . . EUREKA!!! The she found the most beautiful lacy, sheer balconette made by Chantelle (France) one of my all time favorites in my size! She did not have a matching panty in stock by the same company but did find the exact red color (you have no idea how tricky that is) in a Mary Greene panty that tickled me pink! I had to get Wolford Mignon Stay Up stockings to complete the ensemble. 

On my way to the register I saw a frilly ruffled rumba style panty with ladybugs, my favorite! Ah, I love girly girl undies to balance out my bad girl collection. 

If you have a penchant for fine lingerie of the european caliber - this is your shop! I will not say how much I spent because that would be gauche. What I can say is that some women - like me, do not need a special occasion or a hot date to wear beautiful things underneath our clothing. Every day presents an opportunity to wear something special. 

Charmelle 28 offers a great variety of things that can be worn discreetly underneath it all. I think my love for pretty lingerie makes it no wonder I am always laughing, smiling, and posting 4 or 5 star experiences! 

Never underestimate the power of gorgeous lingerie. Never.

Review from Phyllis B, San Carlos: (April 2009)
I'm getting married in a few weeks and have my dress, but definitely needed some special lingerie to wear. I brought my dress and my best friend to Charmelle, simply based on the excellent reviews I read here on Yelp.

I was amazed! Margaret is truly a gem and really gave me the most wonderful individual attention I think I've ever had in any store. She helped me for over an hour finding just the right bra and shapewear that will work with my dress. I have had to special order my lingerie, but she was very attentive in looking what was available at the other store, or checking to see if the size I needed was readily available, etc. In addition to my wedding lingerie, I bought another bra just because I was so heady from the experience!

I'm sure my pocketbook won't appreciate it, but I think I'm hooked on this store!

Review from Rachel B, Half Moon Bay: (Feb 2009)
I had my first wedding dress fitting scheduled for today at 3pm - and stupidly purchased my "undergarments" online and they didn't fit. What to do? Yelped and found Charmelle 28. Hopped in the car, made the trip "over the hill" from HMB in record time.

Margaret was on her own in the store, but was incredibly attentive. Little did I know that I had been wearing the wrong size bra all this time. Margaret not only  helped me to find the perfect bustier for my wedding dress, but she outfitted me in some great, correct sized, bras. I'm not kidding. Having the right bra makes me look like a lost 10lbs - woohoo!

I will be a loyal customer after this experience of going to Charmelle. My 2nd dress fitting (at The Unique Bride...see my review) is in another few three weeks. I'll be stopping at Charmelle again to pick up some nice things for the mini-honeymoon. ;-)

Review from Rebecca C, Brisbane: (Jan 2009)
I cannot recommend this place more highly. I actually prefer it to Gitti's (even though they have the same owner) because of the convenience (no trek down to Palo Alto) and the space itself is gorgeous.

As in all retail experiences, the best ones are a function of the service that is provided. Even though I was encouraged by the positive yelp reviews, I remained slightly skeptical - but in this case there was absolutely no need for concern. Rachel is so personable and authentic.  It's almost impossible not to build a rapport with her, which I happen to think is important when it comes to working with someone who is helping select your intimate apparel! She is an expert in her domain and does everything to get you what you need. I would not go anywhere else to shop for lingerie.

Review from Pamela D. Palo Alto, CA: (Jun 2008)
This store is exquisite!! The actual store is beautiful and modern. The merchandise is fabulous! They have great customer service and their ladies know what they're talking about. The owner, Rachel, is a ray of sunshine! Charmelle 28 is a breath of fresh air for Burlingame

Review from J.S. San Bruno, CA: (Apr 2008)
Fabulous store with lots of options in a great range of sizes. An incredibly informative and friendly staff makes every effort to assist and satisfy. You will not be disappointed!

Review from Miss D, Palo Alto: (Feb 2008)
It's official, Gittis second store Charmel 28 is open and it is fabulous!!!! I didnt think it could get more beautiful then thier first store but was I wrong.... It is simply breathtaking, a true Lingerie store as if you were in Paris. The owner Rachel is still wonderful and the selection is endless. I couldn't be happier!!

Review from Marcia K. Mt Vernon, NY: (Jan 2008)
Amazing service in a beautiful store.  I called around 6.30, just as they were walking out the door.  They said they would keep the store open for me if I could get there soon.  In 15 minutes my daughter and I were warmly greeted by Rachel, the owner of Charmel 28 with open arms.  My daughter is 16 and needed a bra to fit the dress she is wearing to her Sweet 16 tomorrow.  She is also shy about being helped by a "stranger" in the dressing room.  Rachel has a great way of relaxing her customers and providing suggestions and products that will suit them.  We found the perfect bra for this dress.  When I mentioned to Rachel that we originally wanted to go to Gitti's but it was too far to go in Palo Alto tonight, she said "I own Gitti's too."  Wow, what a great find to have our own Gitty's in our neighborhood.  Check it out.  Amazing!  Thank you Rachel.

Review from Linda C, Burlingame: (Dec 2007)
What a find; I could not be happier. Charmelle 28 is a high end lingerie store that just opened in downtown Burlingame. (in the old Black House White Market location) Owners Fred and Rachel Kassar offer a beautiful selection of lingerie from places like Italy and France. A virtual "candy store" for the lady who loves to look beautiful and a great place for "him" to shop for "her" this holiday season. What woman doesn't love gorgeous lingerie? :) Stop in and say hello and be prepared to oooh and ahhhh yourself around the store. They'll be seeing alot of me and my friends this year. Their web site is still under construction so go by in person and enjoy!